A Rainbow in Your Eyes

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A Rainbow in Your Eyes

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After the premier of "Color Me A Season, How to Find and Use Your
Most Flattering Colors",
by Bernice Kentner, there were much more
in-depth knowledge that needed to be taught. Always thinking of teaching
others everything she knew, Bernice wrote her next book,"A Rainbow
in Your Eyes."
This book is best for those who already have an
understanding of the basics of color analysis and would like to
understand things like seasonal blends, testing for warm and cool,
through an incredible method developed by Bernice in her own
studio, personality traits and characteristics of each season and so
much more. Get the book that sets you apart from the rest. Learn
and understand secrets that will make you an expert in using color
to improve your life and the life of your family, friends and clients.

Some of the Highlights of "A Rainbow In Your Eyes":

Personality of each Season and their blends are explained in this book.
Each of the Seasons have their own basic personality traits, which
can be altered soemwhat by the genetics which make up who you are.
This book intoduces you to this exciting aspect of Seasons. You wouldn't
think that the colors that look best on you are linked in any way to
your personality, but they are. Look at the personality charts included
see for yourself. We have had many clients who have been very thankful
for this eye-opening aspect of Color Analysis. They have told us that
they just couldn't understand why a child was so quiet, or their sister so
controlling, or their spouse not able to finish a project, etc.. Once they
understood that it was part of their Season, they were able to be more
understanding and realize that it was part of who they are. This is not
to say that people can not change and become better, but just knowing
your strengths and weaknesses helps you to focus on what you want
to emphasize and what you want to improve on. 

Color Me A Season, Inc. holds exclusive copyrights to Eye Patterns
as they pertain to body coloring and Seasons. This book contains many
full pages of colored illustrations featuring real eye pictures, their
correlation to the Seasonal Color Fan and a step-by-step Personal
Color Analysis

It also outlines the Color Me A Season Color Analysis class steps which
can be used with your own clients. This has been very successful and
has increased the sales of cosmetics, clothings, etc., when used.