Laminated Chinboard Cards

Laminated Chinboard Cards

The Laminated Chin Board Cards come in a set of 36 colored
cards (9 per Season) that are approximately 17" x 11.5" with
a small notch in one side of them for placing underneath the chin.
They are used in addition to, or in place of the color drapes to
determine a person's season. They have a laminate coating on
them help resist stains, scratches and frequent handling. It is
only personal preference which would dictate which is better
to use for color analysis. These cards are easy to handle and
quick to organize in many different color-comparison groupings.
The colors are clean, flat and pure for the best results.

Dimentions: Each Color Card is approximately 17" x 11.5"
and there are 36 cards in a set.