Color Me A Season

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Color Me A Season

"What is Color Analysis? How can I tell what Season I am? Can I do
it myself? Is this just a fad? Can you tell me what I am?" These are a
few of the questions that Bernice Kentner was asked time and time again
on her many visits to speak to groups in clubs, schools, churches, homes
and many varied public venues.  She knew that she could not personally
explain Color Analysis to everyone all by herself, so she set about to
write a book that could explain it to all who wanted to know, in the simplest
way possible. She was afraid that writing this book would destroy her
business by telling all of her "secrets". However, it was just the beginning
of a huge movement in understanding and using color. It has reached
hundreds of thousands of people across the world and continues to be
a wonderful teaching tool for those seeking their own Season or teaching
it to others.

"Color Me A Season, How To Find and use Your Most Flattering Colors"
is the first book ever written showing how to do a complete Seasonal Color
. The first edition was printed in 1978. There are beautiful illustrations
showing the "Seasonal Blends", as well as the personality test, eye pattern
pictures, illustrated eye overlays explaining the four Seasons and how they
sometimes "blend", and information about face shapes, hairstyles and
cosmetic colors for each Season and how to apply them properly.

Some unique things about the "Color Me A Season" method of Color
is that it teaches you the Absolute look of each Season, as
well as the variations of the Seasons that occur, or "blending", due to
the combining effect of genetics. Bernice was the first to describe and
define this aspect of Seasonal Color Analysis. Most color analysis systems
being used do not deal with this facet of Seasons correctly and is the
cause of much confusion in clients being placed in the wrong Season.
Our method is totally consistent, keeping in tune with color theory laws
of harmony and fidelity. The tests that Bernice has developed to determine
help you to more correctly determine the correct Season for yourself,
family, friends and clients.

Eye patterns of the Seasons is another unique area of the "Color Me A
method. Have you ever noticed that you and everyone else
have unique eye patterns? Although they are unique, they still conform
to a set of standards. If you really want to know what these patterns look
like, and how they work with what Season you are, you will definitely want
to study the book, "Color Me A Season, How To Find and use Your Most
Flattering Colors"


Find out what started it all and read "Color Me A Season, How To Find
and use Your Most Flattering Colors"
for yourself.  It will change the way
you look at color forever.