Yin and Yang - Book on CD

Yin and Yang - Book on CD

In Yin and Yang the soft and dramatics of Seasonal Design

is approached by Bernice Kentner in this work. I am sure you
would agree, that there are opposites to every thing; Soft-Hard,
Wet-Dry, Pretty-Ugly, Big-Small
and so it goes. Bernice looks
at the contrasts and similarities within each Season. How the
Cool Seasons
of Winter and Summer are countered by the
Warm Seasons of Autumn and Spring.

She covers how bone structure is important in fashion and
how Yin and Yang play on our face structure. The structure
of your eyes indicate how you apply cosmetics to improve
their look. 

Yin and Yang the Inner Story is 41 pages in length with
a lot of interesting, thought provoking ideas!


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