The Fan & Selector Thesis

The Fan & Selector Thesis

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**New 2014 edition with expanded information on seasonal color theory.**

This Fan and Selector Thesis, by Bernice Kentner, is an in-depth
study of each color in the Seasonal Color Fan, how to use the
Color Fan
and the color theory that is associated with color analysis.
This is a must read for those who want to know the details of the
color theory that is behind color analysis.

She covers topics like:

  • Harmony Body Colors and how they were taught at
    first without Seasons and how the Seasonal concept
    solves color inconsistencies that developed in the older
    approach to the body’s harmony colors.
  • The Original Color Wheel and where Seasons
    came from
    . Here she illustrates how original Seasonal

    colors for fashion were devised and how there wasn’t
    any considerations for one’s skin under-base color.
  • Creating Season’s Color Wheels and Clearing Up
    Any Confusion
    . You will have opened to you through
    illustration and writing how the Seasonal Color Wheels
    were developed and how they relate to CMAS’s Seasonal
    Color Selectors
    and Color Fans. You will see how the
    Winter, Summer, Spring,
    and Autumn colors were
    developed. As a part of this section of the manual you
    will be introduced to the concept of the Double Primary
    or Enriched Color Wheel. Out of this type of color system
    you will see how Spring and Autumn colors develop to
    work better with the warmer under-based skin tones.
    Most artists getting their college degrees will never be
    exposed to these insights. If you will pay close attention
    to fashion and interior decorating makeover shows on
    television, you will often see that the so-called experts
    know nothing about this subject.
  • Working with Variations in each Seasonal Group.
  • Body Design Effects on Color Analysis.
  • Cosmetic Colors that work with Body Style.

This is one of those MUST HAVE items if you are serious
about being a Seasonal Color Consultant.