Summer's Personality Test

  • Do you often find yourself listening to other peoples problems?
  • Are you an easy shoulder to lean on as people confide in you?
  • Though people trust in you, do you find it hard to keep a secret?
  • Do you speak so softly that people ask you again to repeat
    what you have said?
  • Do you feel conspicuous in bright colors?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in the presence of other people
    when they dress in vivid colors?
  • When commenting on someone's clothing, are you apt to say
    it is attractive, even though to you it is atrocious?
  • Are you a terrific hot or hostess, and like giving parties or
    dinners at your home?
  • Do you tease people and love putting the blame on someone else?
  • Would you describe yourself as quietly stubborn?  In other words,
    you get your way nicely,
  • Do you tend to dress in lighter colors?
  • Are your fingers long or very dexterous?
  • Would you rather have a job doing busy work rather than supervise?
  • If a woman, do you wear many cosmetics?  If a man, are mostly
    gray and blue colored clothing found in your closet?

If you answered yes to many of these questions you may be a Summer.


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Summer Cosmetics

Summer Color Fan