Spring's Personality Test

  • Do you love parties and other people?
  • Do you find yourself doing a lot of talking at a meeting
    or gathering of people?
  • Do you like to spread yourself around to a lot of friends rather
    than one specific person?
  • Do you feel you look younger than you actually are?
  • Women:  Would you choose a bright red dress, rather
    than gray?
  • Men:  Would you pick a colorful tie rather than a plain
    pattern with a conservative design?
  • Do things pop out of your mouth when you least expect
    them to?
  • Would you be described as witty rather than reserved?
  • Are you usually very optimistic?
  • When you are depressed are you really down but
    rally quickly?
  • Do you have a lot of unfinished projects that you are
    sure you will finish one day?
  • Are you quite inventive of ways to get out of work?
  • Do you have a difficult time making decisions, such as
    which movie to attend or which ice cream to order?
  • Is walking in the rain or romping in the snow equally
    enjoyable to you?
  • Do you leave a mess and feel comfortable in it until you are
    forced to clean it up?

If you answer yes to many of these questions you may be a Spring.


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