What about Skin Care Products?
                  We have them!


If you need a full line of Skin Care Products we have a top-of-the-line
Bernice Kentner’s line of Color Me A Season® Color Coded
have been
chosen with her many years of experience in
the cosmetic and beauty field.
Color Coded items speak for themselves
in ultimate appeal to the woman
who cares about her special colors.

The skin care line works by using the proper products together to achieve
the perfect palette, an unblemished, more youthful complexion!
All skin
care creams and lotions work compatibly with each other
to arrive at the
perfect PH balanced skin. When used with prescribed
balanced formulas you will achieve that Color Me Younger™
complexion you have always wanted.

Color Me A Season® does provide a money back guarantee
for any product that is not compatible to your complexion, unless
other cosmetic items have been used at the same time. The chemicals
of other cosmetic lines may not be balanced properly with our
formulated cosmetics.


Coordinated Skin Core Systems

Normal, Dry or Sensitive Skins

Deep Pore Cleansing Cream followed by Gentle Toning Lotion. Moisturize
Velvet “E” Creme and/or Collagen Creme.

Night Time Application: Vita “E” Stick around eyes and on lips. Precious
Night Creme applied sparingly on face and neck.

Special Treatments: Gentle Herbal Facial Scrub exfoliate dead skin
cells. Ice
Mint Miracle Masque to stimulate and remove residue. Protective
Moisturizer (to
protect from The sun).

Normal to Oily Blemished Complexions

All Purpose Cleanser removed with a wet, warm wash cloth, followed
by Invigorating
Toning Lotion. A small amount of Velvet “E” Creme or
Protective Moisturizer.

Night Time Application: Repeat The same applications adding
Vita "E" Stick
eyes and on the lips. If oil persists, stop the
Invigorating Toning Lotion application,
using no moisturizer or cremes.

Special Treatments: Ice Mint Miracle Masque or Oil Away Scrub
on oily areas
only. No more than three times a week. using it only on
the oily blemished areas.
Gentle Herbal Facial Scrub may be used on
other areas of the face to remove the upper
layer of dead skin cells.
Always follow with Velvet “E” Creme after a treatment.
For persistent
blemishes dab Invigorating Toning Lotion on the affected area and

cover with a small amount of Ice Mint Miracle Masque. Leave it on
all night for best
results. Use Protective Moisturizer when sun bathing
plus an added sun screen.