Subjective Color Test Poster Laminated

Subjective Color Test Poster Laminated

This Subjective Color Test Poster is used at the beginning
of a
Color Analysis. It determines many things like your client’s
color preferences. Clients choose the red they like most and

then, the favorite blue etc. When done the scores are tallied

up. The column with the highest choices will either be their

, or a strong influencing blend of another Season.
Color Draping
will discover the dominant Season. This test

will tell you if your client likes to wear: subdued pastels,

dark and dramatic hues, bright or earth toned colors. The
color chips on the poster are carefully selected colors to best
test one's color preferences or subjective feelings for color.

Dimensions: This poster is laminated with a thick plastic
laminate. It measures 17 inches by 14 inches.