Self Eye Lens

Self Eye Lens

You will be amazed at the excitement this Self-Eye Lens
will generate in your Color Classes. Can you imagine
the exitement your clients will have after seeing each others'
Seasonal Eye Patterns
? Now they can see their own eye
patterns with the Self-Eye Lens Mirror. This mirror is a
concave mirror that allows one to see the iris of their own
eye. Each color aid tool is designed to confirm what you say
about Seasons, and they generate excitement with each
conformation that you know what you are talking about.

To use this Self-Eye Lens Mirror, stand facing a strong source
of light.  Hold the lens close to one eye, about 4 to 8 inches
away (bringing it in to focus on your own eye). That's all
there is to it. Most people are amazed at how detailed and
beautiful their own eye pattern is.

Dimensions: The Self-Eye Lens Mirror is 2.25 inches in
diameter and about 0.5 inch deep.