Harmony of Seasons Eye Poster Unlaminated

Harmony of Seasons Eye Poster Unlaminated

The Harmony of Seasons Eye Poster shows the 4 base eye
patterns that all other eye patterns build on. There are 8
additional eye patterns shown that make up the various
combinations of eye patterns you will see in your client's
eyes. These are hand-drawn illustrations that emphasize
the characteristics of each unique pattern found in the iris
of the eyes. We used illustrations to simplify the eye patterns
so you can easily identify them in real eyes.  At the bottom
of the poster we show combinations of the different patterns,
eye base pattern and the possible Season.

As you quickly explain the poster to your clients, they will
appreciate more the eye patterns in their own eyes and that
of others. They can see these eye patterns by using either
the Self-Eye Lens or the Magna Lite. You will want enough
of these tools for each individual in your Color Classes.

If your are interested in learning more about the Seasonal
Eye Patterns be sure to checkout "The Magnificent Eye" on CD.

Dimensions: This full color poster is 25.75 inches tall by 18
inches wide.