Color Selector - Spring

Color Selector - Spring

An essential tool for Seasonal enthusiasts everywhere, this color wheel is
designed to help you see the relationships between different hues within
each Season. Familiarizing yourself with this Seasonal Color Wheel can
help you understand how to best mix and match the colors in your Season,
for a naturally balanced look. Because each Season has their own red,
yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, etc. Each Seasonal Color Selector
makes putting colors together a snap. Play with different combinations
using the built in color guides to show what are analogous,
and split complementary choices. The back of the
gives an in-depth discussion on how to use your Seasonal
Color Selector
. Use this to confidently choose colors in all aspects of
living; decorating, fashion, crafting, painting, cosmetic combinations,
and more. 

Dimension: Each Color Selector is 7.5 inches in diameter and has 60
colors to work with. They have an outer ring containing 12 neutral colors
and 48 Basic colors for that Season.