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CMAS' New Seasonal Digital Color Fans!!!




To get your very own Digital Seasonal Color Fan open iTunes Store on your iPhone or iPad and type in the Search box "Color Me A Season" and you will be taken to the App's download page. Follow instructions on this page and it will lead you to your purchase of your own Season's Color Fan with 215 individual color strips.


For the BEST in the industry always click this button to get the most accurate Digital Color Fans Possible on your iPhone/iPad!




You and your friends/family will have fun discovering your personality profiles by taking CMAS's Subjective color test™.


This test is based on Seasonal Colors to help define what Season or color type you MAY be. This fun test can give you insights to your personality and finally lead you to find your best colors!


Color Me A Season's® Subjective Color Test™ and Personality Profile App displays a groups of 4 colors starting with reds. There are 10 sets of colors shown. You will select one of the colors in each color group that feels most comfortable to you.


After you finish choosing colors you like best, you will be given which Season is your possible primary season. This test is not meant to be a definitive color analysis test. It is meant to show you what your personality description is based on your color preferences. Color preferences may be effected by cultural and/or parental guidance.  Your color preferences can also be effected by a blending season. An in-depth color analysis must be done to definitively determine your true season.  More  information on this subject can be found in "Color Me A Season", and "A Rainbow In Your Eyes" by Bernice Kentner.


You can then choose to purchase any one of the four Season's color fans (Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn).


Each Fan includes a description of that Season, 15 Bouquet Colors and 200 individual color strips. When you tap on the color strip you like, it will fill your screen so you can compare it with the color of a garment or item you're looking at or thinking of purchasing. While in the expanded color you can click on one of two symbols to either mark the color as a favorite by selecting the heart shape symbol or click on the tablet and pencil symbol to add a note for that color. The X symbol is to close that window and return to the color fan. You will notice the color strip in the fan now has symbols you selected for that color of either the heart or tablet and pencil symbol.


You can scroll through the color cards by touching the Season symbol in a color bar at the top of the color strip page. Move your finger left or right while pressing down. Each color strip is identified with its own unique number so you can quickly refer to it again.


When you mark the color strip with a heart symbol it automatically will appear in the "Favorites Fan" that shows only the colors you selected as your favorites. You image/color consultants will like the fact that you now can mark the best colors for your client's as their favorites to appear in the "Favorites Fan". You can also make notes for them about the color selected especially for them.



What is a Season and what is MY Season?


Four color Seasonal Palettes are named after Seasons of the year because the colors often remind us of the different colors at various times of the year (Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter). It has nothing to do with what season you were born in.



A little history might help.


Swiss painter and professor at the famous Bauhaus of Germany, Johannes Itten, discovered that his students tended to paint with distinct color pallets that seem to fall into four color groups. He also noticed that his students chose these same colors in clothing they wore which harmonized with their skin and hair coloring. His findings, as well as many others have evolved into Seasonal Color Analysis in many disciplines, mainly dealing with fashion and cosmetics. The APP includes a choice of four different color palettes. One of these Seasonal groups will harmonize best with your skin tone, eye color and hair color. 


This theory seems to follow closely with genetics. Quite often you can be a blend of more than one Season. Your grandparents skin tones could have an influence on you besides just your parents. You are your own unique person. That's the fun! It's like solving the mystery of who you really are. Everyone has an under base color to their skin. Winters and Summers are cool toned. Springs and Autumns are warm.



Having trouble finding enough color selections in other color systems?


If 15 or 50 colors are not enough for you, you will be pleased to know that there are 215 colors in each of the 4 Season's Deluxe Digital Color Fans. Each Season's 215 colors will really help you where ever you are at a moment's need because it's on your iPhone/iPad. Your Season's Deluxe Digital Color Fan can be downloaded for $1.99 each. This option will give you access to all updates to this app.



Why should you trust Color Me A Season's Digital Color Fans?


The simple fact is that Color me a Season has been supplying color fans to color/image consultants and customers for over 35 years. We have always worked hard to give you fans that include all colors possible with your genitic blending that modifies the look of your Season and colors that are accurate in enhancing your best look.



Some Actual Page Sample From The CMAS' Digital Fans Available Through the APP.


new1cmas-digcolorfans100ppi.jpg    red-begin-subj-color-test-all.jpg    summer-landing-pg-100ppi.jpg    


favorit-digital-fan-100ppi.jpg    newspr-colorbar100ppi.jpg    expanded-winred.jpg  


expanded-red-notes-pg.jpg    spring-card-29-100ppi.jpg    winter-card-23-100ppi.jpg