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           Color Me A Season!

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Let me suppose that you have seen Color Analysis done,
perhaps, for yourself, or for another. If so, it is possible
that you
have become interested in doing Color Analysis
for others. Perhaps, you already are doing Color Consulting
and are in
need of a source for educational and/or color
aids that are shown here. We welcome
your inquiries
and orders. It is quite simple.

             Here is how…

You can call us directly at: 925-778-2626
E-mail us at: orders@colormeaseason.com.

When you order we offer you the option to become a retail
or a wholesale client. In order for you to qualify
wholesale orders you must place your first order for $200.00
USD and we will need to know how you will want to
your purchases. We offer PayPal in our Online Store, or when you call

Credit Card Services for: VISA, Master Card, and Discover Card
(sorry, no American
Express). When we ship your order we ship
Priority US Mail (and UPS or FedEx if requested).

      Now to the Fun Stuff!

We are in the business of teaching Color Analysis to others,
through the information found in the “Color Me A Season

and the other excellent publications Bernice
has written such as:

  • The book, Color Me A Season the first book ever
    written on how to do a Color Analysis to find ones
    proper colors.
  • The Book, A Rainbow In Your Eyes, that goes into
    how genetic inheritance influences you Seasonal Colors.
  • The Book, The Color Fan and Selector Thesis, teaches
    you a deeper understanding of color theory and how it works for Seasons.

  • The Magnificent Eye Manual.

As you will discover there are manuals, books, CDs, DVDs,
and several more tools to enhance and simplify the Color

process. We worked out the bugs so you won’t
have to!
Feel free to invest in only those items you can
afford at
this time. One of the beauties of this business is,
that you can expand your knowledge while deciding if this
is a career
for you. 

Perhaps you might just want to read some of our books.
We recommend you read “Color Me A Season” first,
then “A
Rainbow In Your Eyes” next. That will help you
become acquainted with who we are, and what we do.
You will see the
opportunities that are possible!

I can’t say enough about our Seasonal Color Aids

You will be amazed at how well the books, CDs,
and DVDs, the draping tools, the Magna Lite, and the
and Warm Foundation Tester Kit will guide you along to find
an individuals’ Season. With these color aids you
will soon
be working with people right away! Something else you
may want to know.

We have been in the business of teaching 
Seasonal Color Analysis
for over 40 years 
and are confident
that we will help you in your Color Analysis needs. Color
is not a gimmick,
or a fad that will disappear. It is
a truth that keeps on teaching us about ourselves and others.
In fact,
when the economy gets in trouble, sales and interest
in fashion, cosmetic and self improvement increases.

We would love to be part of your educational journey. Get
started today in a fun and exciting career, helping others

feel good about themselves. You will not only help them
with their self-esteem, you will also help them save money
even come to understand others better.

Contact us today and let‘s get something exciting happening!

We wish you the very best in your efforts to learn about
Color Analysis.

Bernice Kentner
President – Color Me A Season, Inc.

        Phone: 925-778-2626 
                Email: orders@colormeaseason.com

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