Magnificent Eye - Book on CD

Magnificent Eye - Book on CD

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"The Magnificent Eye" on CD is fabulous and contains combinations
of the various Seasonal Eye Patterns that appear in real eyes.

One of the subjects that is very unique to Color Me A Season are
eyes and eye patterns. In fact, we are the
only Seasonal Color
Analysis System
that has developed
some basic rules concerning
eye patterns and
their relationship to the various Seasons.
With this manual you are given a greater knowledge
of the
basic eye patterns of the Blue-Base Eyes and
the Brown-Base
. It contains detailed discussions about
the different Seasons’
identifying patterns. You will
learn how the Seasonal Eye Patterns
influence and
mix with each other. How the coloring in the eye
correlate to the skin color and tone.

This work covers all aspects of this most interesting feature in
all of us. When you introduce your clients to eye patterns,
you will find that they get excited to learn about their own
unique patterns. All of the unique tests we have developed
seem to generate excitement and a confidence that their
color analysis has been done correctly.

This CD contains an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. It includes the
4 Seasonal Eye Bases, 10 Seasonal Eye Patterns and 232
combinations of the Eye Bases and Seasonal Eye Patterns
in combinations that allow you to see how Seasonal Eye
can combine. It is designed to help you to recognize
Seasonal Eye Patterns
and their combinations.