Foundation Tester Kit

Foundation Tester Kit

This Foundation Tester Kit has revolutionized how you
determine one's Season. This is a foundation kit made up
of eight, 2 ounce jars of specially blended foundations.
Four of the jars are filled with cool-based foundation, and
four are filled with warm-based foundation. These colors
range from light to dark.

After determining the tonal range of your skin, you then
apply two seperate spots of foundation, one from each
color side, warm or cool. Then a miracle begins to happen.
The foundation that matches your skin tone will seem to
absorb into the skin and the one that isn't correct will sit
on the surface and either look like a bruise or an off-color
patch. The right color foundation will look natural and
normal on the skin. This test is especially effective on
those who have a strong seasonal blend. If it is not
apparent which color at first seems to be best, let it sit
on their skin for several minutes while you continue your
testing with the color drapes. Eventually one of the colors
of foundation will turn in to that mis-matched color. Once
you have determined warm or cool, then continue to color
drape for the final season within that range.

The Foundation Tester Kit comes in a beautifully designed
box that you can proudly display in your own Color Classes.
The Kit comes complete with directions on how to use it.
When you use this test, many of the questions are answered
as to what color under base you or your client has. This
is a giant step in discovering one's proper Season. No
more guessing. 

One word of caution. If you are trying to use this test with
foundation colors that are labeled warm or cool from another
line of cosmetics, it may not work.  It is difficult to find "cool"
or "blue" based foundations that have been correctly formulated
to work on a cool skin-toned person. Our cool based foundations
are one of our best sellers because it is hard to find a truly
based foundation.

Dimensions: The Kit is 9.25 inches long, 4.5 inches wide,
and 2.25 inches high. The weight of the Foundation Tester Kit
is approximately 1 pound and 10 ounces.


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