Cloth Color Drape Set

Cloth Color Drape Set

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There is nothing like the feel and look of cloth when color draping.
The Cloth Color Drape Set has 36 colors (9 for each Season)
that work perfectly for determining a person's Season. Be aware
that each drape is chosen for it's color and not for the fabric
type. That being said, there may be many different types of fabric
included in this set. The colors are chosen by color analysts that
have 25+ years in color draping with Bernice Kentner. Don't
forget to use these as a tool to impress when you do a final
Color Draping
after the complete makeover has been done. 
There will be no mistaking that these colors are a fabulous
way to show your client just how beautiful or handsome they
can be when dressed in their seasonal colors! 

The drapes can be attached to wooden rods for 4 seasonal
groupings and then easily rolled up for storage, or you can attach
each season's group of colors to a large ring with drapery
clips and then hang them on the wall for wrinkle-free storage.

Note: The Warm/Cool Drape Set and the White/Cream
Drape Set
are included within this Cloth Color Drape Set.

Dimensions: Each drape of this set of 36 drapes measure
approximately 22 inches x 25 inches.