Color Fans-Selectors

 CMAS' Traditional Seasonal Color Fans


summer-color-fan-new-rgb-100ppi.jpg     winter-color-fan-new-rgb-100ppi.jpg  

spring-color-fan-new-rgb-100ppi.jpg     autumn-color-fan-new-rgb-100ppi.jpg

Unique Seasonal Color Fans (Swatches) that contain all the colors your clients will need that will cover all of the variations of Seasonal Blends within each Season.


summerselector-text-200ppi.jpg   winterselector-text-200ppi.jpg

springselector-text-200ppi.jpg   autumnselector-text-200ppi.jpg

The Seasonal Color Selectors (Color Wheels) use the principles of the original artist's color wheel and replaces the traditional colors with the colors from each of the Season, and are correlated to the Seasonal Color Fans.

These items are great to include in your color analysis and for your clients to take home with them after they have been marked especially for the their Season.