Autumn's Personality Test

  • Do you feel irritated with people and find it hard not to
    tell them so?
  • Are you usually right and swing opinions of others around
    to agree with yours?
  • Is it hard for you to accept new ideas?
  • Do people often tell you that you are stubborn and hard
    to get along with?
  • When in a meeting, are you often chosen as the leader?
  • Are you more confident about your own ideas?
  • Is it hard to back down when you are obviously wrong?
  • Do you find a great stimulus in your profession and in
    organizations outside the home?
  • Are you often praised for the energy you put into any
    job or activity?
  • Are challenging situaltions exciting to you?
  • Do people sometimes mnderisustand you and feel you
    have offended them?
  • Are you more serious about life?
  • Is your energy level high to the point that you can't
    really relax?
  • Is your idea of a perfect mate a person who is a good
    listener, and who agrees with you?

If you answer yes to many of these questions, you may be an Autumn.


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