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About Us

      Color Spectacular!


  35 Years of Color Excitement and Still Going
       Strong! What Makes the Difference?

 Unique products developed around a very valid
accurate Color Coding System. The truth is
 Eternal, n
o matter what the subject.

Color Me A Season’s Seasonal Color System started over
35 years ago and as new truths were observed they were
incorporated into our instructional materials. If you will
learn these principles and follow them, the possibilities of
your success will increase.

In the early 1980s, when the United States had a
financial crisis, Color Me A Season®, Inc., realized
growth making it a leader in the world of Personal
Analysis. Bernice Kentner’s book “Color Me A Season”
was the first ever written explaining how to do a personal
Seasonal Color Analysis (the year 1978).

While other color systems have come and gone, changed
hands or their methods, we have not! Why? Because our
Seasonal Color Coding System WORKS!

We invite you to take a look at what we have to offer.
One thing we can promise is that we have a great system
and we have developed fun and exciting Color Aid

Tools that will excite and delight your clients.

We have found the larger the group attending a Color Session
the purchases by individuals usually increase.

Your client’s excitement at seeing the positive results on
others and the comments others make about their own

color analysis will help sell your service and products.

We hope this information will help you see the possibilities
available through Color Me A Season’s
Seasonal Color
Analysis System
and products. No matter if you are just
starting and need educational tools, or need a
supplier for your
own Image Consulting business we have the products to fill
your needs.